Let us help you streamline your research & assessment initiatives and optimize your information output! HD Analytical Solutions can devise a cost/time effective strategy that's tailored to meet your needs in method development, sample preparation, materials analyses or customized approaches.

Great Services, Competitive Pricing

As active researchers who regularly conduct lab work, write grant proposals and professional reports, and design, manage and facilitate research projects, we know what our clients want – high quality, reliable and economical analytical solutions that achieve targeted objectives and outcomes.

The HDAS Advantage:

  • Top quality, customizable products and services – case-specific strategies and approaches
  • Cost and time effective solutions – we streamline and optimize processes with targeted outcomes in mind
  • Value-added services – in-house expertise for a range of analytical techniques; experienced-based know-how you can count on
  • Client-centered, collegial, no-nonsense technical support

Sample Preparation

We hand-craft all of our our thin sections, thick sections and wafers. We will cut, mount, impregnate and polish to meet specific analytical requirements and specifications. We work with ceramics, soils, glass, rocks, concrete, animal and human teeth, bone, shells, otoliths, tusks, wood, and more!


Analytical Services

We do petrographic analysis and descriptions, point count analyses, and raw materials characterisation for sourcing studies and reconstructing production technologies. For biological materials, we can identify seasonality, stress and developmental arrest markers, and provide estimates of an individual’s age-at-death using bones, teeth and other material types.


Analytical Consulting

We work together with our clients to develop customised protocols for the preparation and analysis of samples in a way that facilitates and enhances their individual research needs and targeted outcomes. Our team will connect you with the methods, resources and interpretive strategies that produce outstanding results.


Osteological Consulting

Excavation assistance and osteological analyses of human remains derived from archaeological contexts. Upon request we will determine whether remains are human or faunal, the minimum number of individuals present, age-at-death, sex, stature estimates, and the health status of individuals, as well as other indicators of activity & life history.