Analytical Services

Let us help you streamline your research & assessment initiatives and optimize your information output! HD Analytical Solutions can devise a cost/time effective strategy that's tailored to meet your needs in method development, sample preparation, materials analyses or customized approaches.

Analytical Services

analytical services - microscope

Let our experts analyse your thin sections for you!
We provide analytical solutions and support for academic and industry clients working in diverse fields including archaeology, biological anthropology, fisheries management, dentistry, geology and the earth sciences, biology, chemistry, environmental science, monitoring and assessment, engineering, and the forensic sciences.

analytical services - petrographic

We do petrographic descriptions, point count analyses, and raw materials characterisation for sourcing studies and reconstructing ancient and modern production technologies.

analytical services - cross striations

Our biomaterials team can facilitate seasonality studies, assessment of physiological stress markers, and estimate an individualís age-at-death using a variety of techniques.


We do histological assessments of diagenetic alteration, cementum band counts in teeth, developmental defect counts (e.g. Wilson bands/accentuated striae of Retzius) in teeth, and more